Salad – The Main Dish

I am not a big salad eater. I just get bored with eating a whole plateful of greens. Of course, part of the problem could be that I stopped eating salad dressings a couple of years ago, because I didn’t know of any healthy alternatives. A few weeks ago, my sister told me about reading a blog by a blogger who is a huge salad fan. Apparently, this lady takes any main dish and turns it into a salad by substituting greens for the carbs. I decided to try it. Anything that gets me to eat more greens has got to be a good idea, right? So far, I’ve eaten burrito salad, Tofurkey brand Italian sausage and pickle salad, and chili salad. I’m planning on trying fajita salad next. Of course, you could eat the main dish and the salad separate, but I always seem to eat more main dish and less salad that way. Plus, I have to force my reluctant salad self to eat the salad. By covering the plate with the greens first and putting the main dish on top for flavoring, I eat more salad and enjoy the mix of flavors at the same time. The greens tone down the spiciness of the main dish for me. Also, there is no need to add extra fat in the form of a dressing. Someday when you’re in a rush, try warming up a can of chili and pouring it over some lettuce and/or spinach.



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