Saving Money on a Whole Foods Diet


Originally this was going to be a single post.

But, I’ve decided that the topic can be better addressed as a series.

So, to be clear, this is not about saving money on groceries in general. Lots of people talk about that, lots of people are obsessed with that. Lots of people say that that is why they don’t eat a whole foods diet, or a vegan diet, or whatever it is they don’t want to eat.

This is for those of you already committed to a whole foods diet.

As new posts are written I will add links here to make it easy to follow the series.

How to cut costs and eat healthy whole foods:

1) Buy Whole Foods
2) Buy in Bulk When Practical
3) Shop Somewhere Besides Your Grocery Store
4) Plan Your Menus
5) Grow a Garden
6) Fast Food at Home



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