Losing Weight on a Plant Based Diet – Enjoy your food!

I think this is key. Key to resisting cravings and not feeling deprived. When we eat things that feel like a luxury or an indulgence, but are also healthy, it’s possible to lose weight without a constant internal struggle with food.

Additionally, this strategy makes lifelong change much more attractive and do-able.

So, what types of food fall into the healthy indulgence category? I’m sure that depends on who you are, what your childhood foods were like, how you feel about spending money on food, etc.

Personally, Pomegranate seeds fall into the indulgence category for me. I don’t happen to live anywhere they grow (although I did at one time), and so they tend to be on the expensive side. So, buying and enjoying a few (or more 🙂 ) pomegranates in season definitely falls into the healthy indulgence category for me.

The same could be said for any fruit or vegetable that you enjoy, but for some reason tend to feel is too expensive, or whatever your personal road block is.

Kumquats are another fruit that I feel this same way about. I’d really like to grow some in a greenhouse or something because these are just plain hard to come by, but I love eating them!

Additional examples are: Artichokes, French sorrel, fresh off the vine tomatoes, and in general – picked at it’s prime produce.

Aside from eating our favorite fruits and veggies straight up, what else can make a healthy diet feel indulgent?

Main courses that we love! These of course will vary a bit depending on who you are. I love crunchy raw salads with great dressings. Like my favorite salad, and The Seasoned Chickpeas over Kale & Avocado Salad from the OhSheGlows blog (which, try as I might, I cannot find the link to).

And of course, fun desserts that are as healthy as can be. What works for you will depend on your particular dietary demons, but one recipe that I found enjoyable was Raw Chocolate-Swirl Cheesecake Bars. I used honey instead of agave in the filling, and found that blending really well was key, but these turned out to be delicious.

This is my new approach. In the past I’ve focused more on strict discipline, but at this time in my life I find the need for a better motivation to a healthy diet. I’ve realized that I, at least, need a positive approach that focuses on the good things still available rather than what I need to cut out.

Have you noticed this in your own life?



31 Days of Menus: Side Dishes

I think this is what most people get hung up on when it comes to planning menus, especially on a plant based diet when the main course is already plants ;-). And personally I love a nice one dish meal, something with grains, beans, and veggies all thrown together.
Even a less than ideal one dish meal beats fast food. But, sometimes it works out to put just a bit more effort into it and serve a few extra dishes along with the main course.

Salad and Rolls are favorite and often seen accompaniments
Simple on veggie side dishes, steamed or sauteed are also nice; broccoli, edamame, carrots, kale, sweet potato, etc.
Baked potatoes work as a side dish, when they’re not part of the main course. 😉
Roasted veggies, like the broccoli from Post Punk Kitchen are also an option
Sliced fruit
Fruit salads
Basically, anything simple that rounds out the meal, contrasting colors are nice; if the main course is green use sweet potatoes or carrots, or if it is orange use spinach or beans as a side.


31 Days of Menus: More lunch ideas

Of course leftovers from dinner are always an option.



Green Salad with lemon & Olive Oil dressing, like I mention in this post.

Have a green smoothie.

Back on Track Wheat Berry & Bean Salad

Lightened up Protein Power Goddess Bowl

Quick Tostadas

I use the instant black bean soup mix from the bulk bin at Good Earth, mix with just enough water to give it a refried bean consistency.
Toast the corn tortillas in a hot cast iron pan, or if you don’t have cast iron you may need oil, alternatively you could bake them to a crisp (here’s how).
Top with the beans, lettuce, onion, tomato, black olives, and salsa.

Hummus with Veggies and a Pita, try this Hummus recipe.


Chickpea sandwiches using this recipe for the filling.


Harvest Time

Now, what do we do with it all?

Notice the lone strawberry (hiding out in the raspberry bowl)? I found that growing in the lawn/random plants near the apple tree. There were actually two, but pill bugs were busy eating the other one, so I left them to it.
That inspired me to check the strawberry area, but it appears that deer have been bedding down there overnight and no strawberries were found. 😉