Smoothies Galore

That’s what I’ve been eating. Especially for the first three days of “Ani’s 15 Day Fat Blast”. She calls that Phase 1, and it’s meant to be a detox. So, a few words about that, in case anyone is interested or thinking about trying it out.

Like I said, it’s all smoothies. Sweet and savory. A lot of them are really good. Surprisingly (to me) even some of the savory smoothies, AKA soups.

The only thing I had a really hard time with was Day 3. I’ve read about others’ experiences on this diet and heard problems with Day 3 attributed to being tired of just smoothies, etc. But, I don’t think that’s it. Remember I came to this from a week of fasting, and light food, mostly smoothies already. I think I just don’t like those recipes. So, I marked the ones I really like, the ones that are O.k., and then left those that I didn’t like at all blank. So that if I do this again, it will be an even better experience.

Apparently, detox symptoms could be experienced during these first three days. I didn’t really notice anything, but my diet is generally pretty clean anyway. Other thoughts on detoxing though – are that years ago when I attempted a juice fast it was really rough and I just didn’t make it. At that time I ate dairy regularly and even meat occasionally (especially bacon, the healthiest meat 😉 – yes, I am kidding about the healthy part, and yes I have actually been asked if it really is. Yikes). I did not eat refined flours or sugars that I recall, but I’m sure the animal products I consumed contributed to the rough experience. Just a thought, in case it applies to anyone reading this. I suspect a more gradual transition involving a few days to a week of whole foods vegan eating before starting a cleanse would help.

So, about cravings. Or other types of temptation to eat less than healthy foods. What I’ve noticed is a need to treat myself in ways that don’t involve food. It’s too easy and tempting to feel the need for a cookie or something and eat it without realizing why. In thinking about what it is I want to eat and why, along with taking Ani’s suggestion of a long bath during Phase 1, I realized that for me, why can sometimes be a need to be kind to myself, and maybe a little pampering can replace that snack in a healthier way.

I mentioned marking the recipes I really liked. I’ve also put some thought into recipes I would substitute that aren’t in the book.

One of them is my Blueberry Ginger Juice, which I thought I had posted before, but apparently I was waiting for a picture. (I think if I were to use this on the fat blast I would sub out the juice for water, possibly using some apple too.) Here it is, still without the photo.

Blueberry Ginger Juice

1 medium ripe banana
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon fresh/frozen ginger root
Apple juice to fill the blender to just under the 3 cup line.

Blend well, on the Juice setting if you’re using a Blendtec.

I’m also working on perfecting a Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie, and I’ll post that when it’s ready. 🙂



How to Change Your Diet, Part 3 – Snacks

Just because people now days tend to snack a lot. And when you aren’t sure what to snack on it can be frustrating.

So, here are some ideas:

(You can check out Melissa’s post along these same lines by clicking here)

Popcorn – air popped with flax seed oil (Barlean’s is good), sea salt, and nutritional yeast
fresh fruit
fresh veggies
fruit juice/fruit smoothie popsicles – homemade without the additives and additional sweeteners
anything of the snack recipes from Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles
dried fruit, unsulfered and unsweetened – a favorite here is papaya
nuts, preferably raw
leftover green smoothy 🙂
popsicles made from leftover green smoothie 🙂
quick peanut butter cups, or just peanut butter – unsweetened, just peanuts and salt.
kale chips – a current favorite at our house, recipe follows:

Wash and spin dry one large bunch of kale. (You’ll need a large cookie sheet/jelly roll pan) Tear the kale into appropriately sized pieces, 2 or 3 inches, and cover the surface of the pan. This takes an entire bunch of kale in the winter, but the kale I’ve gotten this summer has come in bunches large enough to double this recipe, so just use enough for a single layer that covers the entire pan – edges can overlap just a bit. Pour on about 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil and massage it onto the kale with your hands. (Or if you are a wimp about this sort of thing your could stick it all in a large baggie instead of actually getting the oil on your hands) Redistribute the kale on the cookie sheet and sprinkle with salt. If desired add some nutritional yeast, we do. Bake at 350 degrees F. for 10-15 minutes, until desired crispiness is reached. You’ll want to monitor this closely after the 10 minute mark, because burnt kale is not a treat.
If you google kale chips, you’ll find a lot of variations on this theme, including raw (dehydrated) versions.

Now, I suspect that if you let these cool COMPLETELY, and store them in an airtight container they would keep quite well. But, I don’t know, because we have never even managed to let them cool completely, let alone try to store them.

Happy Snacking.