Pressure Cooking 101, the final

Having successfully cooked something, in your pressure cooker, you are now ready to move on and branch out in your pressure cooking experience.

If you purchased The New Fast Food, finish reading it.

Recipes start on page 29, but the there are two sections following this which talk about cooking grains and beans in more depth. Definitely worth a read.

Try cooking other things.

What not to do:

Do not decide to impulsively convert your lentil soup recipe. Actually, this would have probably been fine except too watery (turns out you reduce the liquid when converting recipes). However, if you also at the same time decide to double the recipe, and then after adding nearly everything (except some of the water) think about how you are supposed to only fill the pressure cooker 1/2 to 2/3rds full, and then decide to try it anyway minus some of the water (which was a good thing).  Then when it’s cooking freak out and do a quick release resulting in undercooked soup. And then because you’re still worried about it being too full, ladle out half of the soup and cook the other half, eat dinner, and then cook the rest. Don’t do that. Just in case you were thinking about it. 😉


Cook more than one recipe already converted for pressure cooker use. Try some beans, after all that’s what pressure cookers are for, right?