31 Days of Menus: More menu plans

This is along the same lines as the start with what you already have post. Currently what we have is garden produce; tomatoes, corn, potatoes, etc. That combined with a desire for fairly quick meals that don’t require a babysitter in the kitchen while they cook resulted in our menus for this week.

Actually, the week started off with a bang, as I realized Monday afternoon that I had no idea what we would be eating that day. So, I put together Creamy Comfort Casserole because it was fast and easy.

We’ve also enjoyed Haystacks with Sweet & Sour Sauce followed by Tomato-Rice Soup (adapted from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen).

What I like about Haystacks is you can serve whatever you want/have around the house on top of the rice. In fact, usually they are served with some type of gravy (I like the Chicken Style Gravy from Passionate Vegetarian), so our use of sweet and sour sauce is a variation on the standard theme.

I slipped one of our favorite pizzas, potato-sage, in between the Minestrone and Ribolitta. It utilized the potatoes and the sage that we currently have an abundance of. And, other than olive oil, salt, and pepper, that’s about all that tops this pizza.

We had Minestrone on Friday, since I discovered Ribolitta I am even fonder of Minestrone than ever. For Ribolitta you layer day old bread, toasted if you prefer, in a casserole dish, pour the reheated soup (Minestrone of course) over the top and serve. What’s not to love? If the ease of preparation is not enough, it’s also remarkably filling and perfect for a Sunday dinner.