The Evolution of Popcorn at our House

We used to eat popcorn just like everyone else (o.k. probably not everyone), with butter and salt. Air popped of course. I don’t like to use a microwave if there is  another handy option and we have a stand alone, plug in, air-popper. (Maybe there is a more official sounding name for that?)

Then, in an attempt to cut down on our butter consumption, I started to mix the butter with olive oil. Half and half at first and then 100% olive oil.

Then one day I decided to try the Barlean’s Flax Seed oil in our fridge. I may have mixed it with olive oil at first, but if so it rapidly transitioned to straight flax seed oil. I mention the brand because while it is the only one I’ve ever used, I have heard that some/a lot of others taste less than delicious.

So, now when I make popcorn I use flax seed oil, Redmond’s sea salt, and “yellows” (which is actually nutritional yeast). Yumm.

As the popcorn pops out into the receptacle (generally a bowl), I squirt the flax oil out from the handy dandy squeeze bottle it comes in. This alone makes it worth the switch ;-), so much faster and easier than melting butter or spooning olive oil on. Next, when it has finished popping we sprinkle on the Redmond’s sea salt (and really you could use other salt, but why?). And then, for those desiring it, top with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast – my personal favorite.

Now, you’ll notice that this is still not lowfat popcorn. I have tried using a Misto sprayer filled with olive oil, and it could be filled with flax instead, but personally I’m not satisfied with the coverage. Still, I would recommend that as an option if you want a lower fat, but still oiled popcorn option.



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