Cancer and the “war”

I just read an article over at Christinacooks entitled; Cash, Cancer and Confusion by Bill Tara.

Well done. My favorite quotes are, “A few years latter Richard Nixon declared the war on cancer. It has turned out to be the medical version of Vietnam.” And, “We don’t need more research we need more action. Some of this action needs to be focused on reversing the ridiculous social fixation on meat eating.”

He talks about the need to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to all. That people need to know healthy food can also be inexpensive.

So, read my series on Saving Money on Whole Foods, and check out Lindsay Nixon’s stuff. She’s got meal plans available and three cookbooks out, all of which utilize easy to find ingredients in recipes that are quick when it comes to prep. time.


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2 thoughts on “Cancer and the “war”

  1. Thank you for your suggestion of a gratitude journal. That’s a great idea! I might have an empty journal around here somewhere to use. I’ll have to dig through our moving boxes. 🙂

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