Saving Money on a Whole Foods Diet: Plan Your Menus

Just about everything that can be said on this subject has been said on this blog. This is because last October as part of a 31 Days of Posting Challenge, we focused on Menu Planning. I’ll re-post the links to that series here for your viewing pleasure.

You’ll notice it starts with #2, that’s just because post #1 was an introduction to the 30 Day Challenge.

2) Why Plan?
3) Plan for a lack of planning
4) Start with what you already have
5) To plan breakfast and lunch or not?
6) Feeding Children
7) A Master Plan
8 ) Inspiration
9) Dishes
10) Breakfast
11) More menu plans
12)A Virtual Sandwich Bar
13) Midweek Menus
14) Execution
15) Sleep
16) Halloween
17) Tomatoes and a Dinner Plan
18) Snacks are Important
19) What’s in your kitchen – a contest!
20) Thanksgiving 1
21) Menu Options Available Online
22) More Inspiration
23) Making Family Meal Time a Priority
24) Soup to the Rescue
25) A Few More Thanksgiving Ideas
26) Thoughts
27) More Lunch Ideas
28) Speaking of Thanksgiving
29) Side Dishes
30) Desserts
31) The End

I know CSA’s and Bountiful Baskets produce selections can complicate this. Try planning just after you receive the food so you know what you need to supplement with.



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