Saving Money on a Whole Foods Diet: Buy in bulk when practical

Buy foods that store well in bulk rather than in smaller amounts (provided they’re cheaper this way).

This extends beyond dry goods to things like apples and carrots along with other root vegetables provided you have the refrigerator space.

Top shelf stable food items for bulk purchase and storage:

Wheat/Spelt (provided you own a grinder or are going to sprout or cook the grains whole)
Rolled Oats
Brown Rice (smaller amounts, for instance Costco sells this in 12 pound bags, only buy that much if you have refrigerator space as brown rice will go rancid quickly at room temperature)
Dry Beans
Honey (long shelf life in spite of being a liquid)
Sea Salt (5 to 25 pounds here, depending on your family size)

Fresh Produce options:

Apples (fridge space needed)
Carrots (fridge space needed)
Other root vegetables
Winter Squash

Of course these fresh options will need to be stored in smaller amounts than the dry goods. Only store what you can use in a month or two, unless you have a large garden and are storing your excess for the winter. In that case you’ll need a root cellar or some other more elaborate plan (like canning).



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