Saving Money on a Whole Foods Diet: Buy Whole Foods


This gets you the most nutrient density for your dollar.

I mention it because many people switching to “healthy” or vegan diets automatically convert their processed food buying habits over to buying processed health food. Obviously expensive, and on top of that, not so healthy.

If you’re not already doing this, it may take some time to transition from mixes and processed food. Maybe you’ll even decide that it’s just not worth it to you, fine. However, if you are interested in making a change, I suggest you start gradually.

*Buy a head of lettuce instead of bagged salad mix.
*Make your own salad dressing, rather than purchasing it already made.
*Stop buying chips and other packaged snack foods – learn to substitute fresh fruit, nuts, and homemade treats.
*Try making your own soy, almond, or rice milk.
*Learn to make bread.

You get the idea. I think we get so used to buying processed ready made foods that it’s easy to forget there’s another option.

Here’s a post from Melissa with more ideas on this same topic.

Remember to focus on things like; fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds in their natural state with nothing added or taken away.



2 thoughts on “Saving Money on a Whole Foods Diet: Buy Whole Foods

  1. Good points! I can’t wait to order my VitaMix so that I can start making our own almond milk. We go through at least one package of milk a week if not two. It would be nice to make our own! Then I hope to figure out a good salad dressing recipe. My favorite is Hidden Valley Ranch and I have not yet made a good vegan ranch dressing. I’m not a fan of vinegar so that eliminates 75% of the vegan dressings out there. I hope to find a good dressing recipe so that I can motivate myself to eat salad!

    By the way, thanks for the Christmas movie recommendations! I’m looking forward to watching a couple on your list.

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