Bread: A Template – Part 3

This part, shaping the bread, is kind of like playing with clay. The main goal being to put the seam side down in the bread pan, or on the baking sheet, etc.

When I make bread I usually make at least one loaf for sandwiches, toast, etc. Usually two. One of the loaves in this picture has been braided, just for fun at my son’s request. Sometimes I make rolls, or use some of the dough for pizza or scones (Western Style).

There are a myriad of rolls to be made. In fact I found this fun post using a different recipe, but with excellent shaping options for the rolls.

If you want crispy rolls space them farther apart. If you want them to be soft let them raise into each other. One of my favorites is crescent rolls, just roll the dough out into a large circle and cut into 12 elongated triangles (like a pizza), then roll them up from the wide end to the skinny and let raise.
I bake rolls for about 20 minutes.

To use the dough for pizza just roll or stretch it to the desired size. If you want pizza dough for later use, shape some of it into a disk, about 9 inches around and one inch thick. Then put that in the freezer for use later. When it’s time to make pizza it defrosts fairly quickly, I usually pull it out about an hour before I need the dough, you could pull it out a bit earlier too, that’s just when I start thinking about dinner.

Flatbread – roll it out and fry it in a pan as mentioned by Tammie in this post.

To make breadsticks, think of playing with clay, just make some snakes and let them raise, bake for 15 to 20 minutes depending on thickness and desired level of crispness.


Sorry for the long delay in this series. For those who are wondering, I’ve been playing catchup at home after recovering from a brief (o.k. the longest I’ve had in 7 years) stint with illness.

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2 thoughts on “Bread: A Template – Part 3

    • Me too, for tomorrow. πŸ™‚ I think I’ll par-bake the rolls so I can finish cooking them tomorrow – fresh rolls and a clean kitchen, sounds like a good combo to me.

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