31 Days of Menus: Thoughts

How long does it actually take to cook dinner? And, why do we (as a society) seem to feel that it shouldn’t take any time at all, and no effort. We place almost no value on the job. In actuality it is one of the more important jobs out there. And like childcare, we tend to delegate it to those paid the least. We put a high value on low priced, inexpensive food. We pay more for health care and less for our dinner, and never quite connect the dots. I think it’s time we start to realize that it is worth our time, it is worth the effort, and it is doable.

Planning helps, it makes meal prep. smoother, and saves time and stress when it comes time to put dinner on the table. But, sometimes I wonder if our biggest obstacle isn’t a mental hurdle, a block that we put there ourselves when we decide that it is too difficult, too time consuming, etc.

So, get those back-up plans in place. Plan a few weeks worth of menus, buy some groceries, and come to grips with the idea of spending some time in your kitchen daily.



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