31 Days of Menus: Making Family Mealtime a Priority

Picture in your mind two different families. The first one eats on the run, or everyone comes into the kitchen as needed, on their own, to grab food. In the second family everyone comes together for dinner, and hopefully a few other meals too ;-), they sit down at the table to eat and enjoy each others company. Which scenario is more appealing? Which family would you rather be living like? Which family are you living like?

I remember when I was in college going to visit an old roommate who had gotten married the year before. She always made sure I had a good dinner and I felt very nourished and cared for. If for no other reason than providing that feeling to our children and spouses, family dinner should be a priority.

If you’re running around to lessons, and activities during dinner time, consider rescheduling or even dropping a few activities. More than one interrupted dinner hour a week can easily become a habit.



2 thoughts on “31 Days of Menus: Making Family Mealtime a Priority

  1. In a college class I took it was brought up that Homer Simpson was a better father than most American dad’s. While he might not seem like the best role model the reasoning behind it was that he sat down and ate dinner with his family every night and talked to his kids more than 15 minutes per day.

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