31 Days of Menus: What’s in your kitchen – a contest!

I’ll be doing a few menus for other people this next week or two, maybe for you.
My first gift menu post is for Wendy who blogs at I Appreciate Art.
Right now fast meal prep is a priority for her as well as making items she can freeze or use later for lunches. Food that can be eaten on the go is also a bonus.

Breakfasts: green smoothies and/or oatmeal
Van’s frozen waffles

Lunches: Quinoa salad – make enough for several lunches, try freezing some for later.
Green Salads

Monday: Orange Ginger Tofu with rice – freeze in individual serving sizes. (Substitute vegetable broth for the white wine called for in the recipe to avoid using alcohol.)

Tuesday: Spagetti with Red Sauce – freeze extra in individual serving sizes

Wednesday: Pita Pizza’s with Daiya – make extra to freeze for mini emergency meals

Thursday: Penny Pinching Pad Thai

Friday: Crazy Corn Soup

Saturday: Mongolian BBQ

Sunday: Lentil Rice Casserole – freeze any leftovers in individual serving sizes.

The contest works like this; you tell me what you have on hand, and what your situation is, time available, equipment, etc. and I’ll come up with a weeks worth of dinner menus for you. And maybe a few other suggestions thrown in. Snacks, treats, things to freeze for later, you get the idea. (All menus will be plant based)
To enter just comment on this post letting me know you are interested and your name will be entered in the drawing. Winner to be announced on Friday, Oct. 21st. (Bag that, if anyone is interested this month I’ll probably just declare you the winner) You’ll have the weekend to get me your list of available food, circumstances, etc., and your menus will be posted on this blog sometime during that week.

*Contest closed.



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