31 Days of Menus: Sleep

I know this might seem more unconnected than the dishes, but I’ve noticed a definite afternoon slump if I don’t get enough sleep. I suspect I’m not the only one. And then if you just don’t feel like getting up to start dinner… well you get the idea.
So, that’s the whole point of this post. Try to get enough sleep. I’m sure you’ll see other benefits too, in addition to making dinner easier.
Personally this means, get ready for bed before I think I need to, maybe an hour before I think I need to.
Why? Because, I realized that I want time for myself, and I jump at that as soon as my son is asleep. If the dishes aren’t done, laundry needs to be dried, etc. I tend to put that off for some relaxation. When I think I’m ready to head to bed, I first start cleaning up remaining kitchen messes, doing laundry, etc. (I am of course hoping to develop better habits in the future ;-))
What helps you get to bed on time?



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