31 Days of Menus: Execution

Have you ever said, or thought, it’s just too much work? Too much work to plan menus, to cook from scratch, etc.

Well, first of all they don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Even on a plant based diet, there is a certain amount of prepared food you can incorporate if time is a bigger issue to you than money.

Menus are after all just a plan, and the point of the plan is to make life easier for you. So, if you need every night to look like one of my backup nights, or the list of suggestions on the Happy Herbivore blog, then just plan that. At least you’ll know what to get at the grocery store, and it will be even faster when you don’t have to devote time to thinking up what you’ll be cooking that night.

It’s probably best to plan for at least two really speedy dinners a week regardless. Even if you don’t have anything scheduled at the beginning of the week something is bound to come up. Then, if necessary I swap nights, but at least the options are there and the ingredients are available.



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