31 Days of Menus: To plan breakfast and lunch, or not?

(Sunday’s lunch: Cabbage Salad with Asian Style Dressing)

I know a lot of people, probably most people don’t bother with planning these meals. And if that works for you, go with it. However, I’ve noticed that I do better with some type of plan. Even if it is Green Smoothies 5 or 6 days out of the week and only two breakfast menus I actually need a “menu” for.
Lunch is the bigger deal for me. Leftovers and sandwiches are great options, and I do use those a lot, but sometimes I forget to have lunch if I haven’t made a plan. So, sometimes the menu will say “leftover _____ ” from dinner the night before, if I think there will be extra. Or, I’ll pick sandwiches that sound good for the week, TLT’s (tempeh, lettuce, and tomato) or Chickpea salad sandwiches. Those are usually good for 2 or 3 days out of the week. And, by planning them into the menus I can make sure I’ve purchased what I need for lunches too, without buying a lot of extras.

What about you? Do you plan for lunch and breakfast?



8 thoughts on “31 Days of Menus: To plan breakfast and lunch, or not?

  1. I’ve only recently started planning breakfast and lunch. I find I have to. Otherwise, I eat whatever is easy in the cupboard and it’s not a balanced meal. I keep trying out a bunch of new recipes for dinners and haven’t had many leftovers so I find myself eating a lot of sub sandwiches. Usually smoothies for breakfast. Today I’m making pumpkin pancakes, though. I really need to try tempeh. 🙂 It sounds good!

      • Will do!
        What do you usually put cardamom in? I’ve only seen it in the pumpkin pie recipe. Not sure if it was that particular spice or the dates or something else that made the pie gross. It just wasn’t pumpkin pie!

      • Most often I use it in a Blueberry, coconut, cornmeal muffin recipe from Uprisings: The Whole Grain Baker’s Handbook. I’m guessing from the other comment you got that it was the date-pumpkin combo., I don’t find cardamom too strong tasting, so even if that was the problem I don’t think it would have been so bad you couldn’t still eat the pie.

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