31 Days of Menus: Plan for a lack of planning

As nice as it would be to always be on top of things, there are days/weeks (O.k. even years) when that just doesn’t happen. So, one strategy to continue to avoid last minute stress, eating out, and relying of prepared food (freezer meals or boxed & canned items) is to have a backup plan for your lack of planning. 😉
This is essentially also a menu, but instead of planning a week at a time for instance, it is a list of potential meals that either rely on pantry staples you always have around or are really quick to prepare, and preferably meet both requirements.

A recent post at Happy Herbivore highlighting 23 quick meal ideas is a good source of inspiration for this list, as well as a springboard for additional ideas that could work from your existing recipe pool.

Meals that center around quinoa, a quick cooking whole grain, are also a good bet.

Some of my other favorite quick fixes are:
Tomato Basil Cream Pasta

Creamy Comfort Casserole

Thick and Creamy Potato Soup

The goal in this case is not a perfectly well-rounded meal (although that would be nice), but rather something to fall back on, to fill your stomach and provide some nourishment that is superior to things like; nothing, fast food, snacks & junk or whatever else you would be eating for dinner without the backup plan. 😉



10 thoughts on “31 Days of Menus: Plan for a lack of planning

  1. This is a really good idea! Having a plan just in case you don’t have a plan… who would have thought? 😉 I still haven’t tried quinoa. I need to do that.

  2. I tried the comfort casserole, and it tasted really good…until I accidentally dumped a cup of brine into it. (I don’t think I was born to be a chef.) But just so you know, brine is not comfy. Ever. Nor should it be part of any casserole. Sigh.

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