31 Days of Menus: Why plan?

By having a plan you can:

* Prevent the late afternoon/early evening scramble, while you try to put dinner together on the fly.

* Save money at the grocery store, avoid impulse purchases because you know exactly what you need.

* Avoid falling back on dinners out or purchased freezer meals, when the last minute preparation doesn’t quite come together.

* Co-ordinate the use of homemade sauces, perishable ingredients, etc. throughout the week, so that nothing is wasted. This is a time saver too.

* Planning can be especially helpful when you’re making dietary changes and are not yet familiar with your options.



6 thoughts on “31 Days of Menus: Why plan?

  1. I’ve never meal planned before, and I definitely make too many impulse purchases and waste too much food that I just don’t use in time. I think it’s time to try planning. 🙂

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