Weekly Salad Prep.

I think I’ve mentioned my storage method for lettuce before, but I thought I’d clarify using my newly acquired salad greens as an example.
Rather than simply rinsing I prefer to soak the greens in cool water with some Grapefruit seed extract added to it. I use about 9 drops in a salad spinner full of water, it’s not critical. This crisps them up and cleans them quite effectively. Then I lift our the basket, dump the water, and spin the greens dry. After that I finish with the usual storage method, placing them in a bag with the air removed and a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture.

I try to store them paper towel side down, so that any excess moisture drains down onto it. If I get this done right away not only do the greens last longer, but when I’m ready to use them, the only preparation required is to tear or slice them into the desired pieces.


*I’ve since heard that storing the greens in a mason jar works well too. I’ve heard the same thing about the salad spinner, but in my experience it does not work as well. However, I think that if they are completely dry the mason jar would work well.


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