Green Smoothies

I’m thinking of posting menus soon. I’ve been reluctant to do so, since many of the items on our menus are not my recipes or available free as links. However, I’ve decided that maybe they would be beneficial anyway, and I’ll link up as many items as possible.
With that in mind, breakfast lately is almost always a green smoothie.
So, for your enlightenment, here is a visual guide to our typical green smoothie.

Step 1:

Fill your blender with just over 2 cups of water and then cram in a bunch of spinach and kale, also at this stage I either add a chunk of lemon (peel and all) or 1/2 a vanilla bean pod (I use the seeds for something else). And most days I put in some chia seeds, as you can see in this photo, or flax works too. This is a good time to add stevia to the mix also. If I’m using the fresh leaves, I just throw in several clippings, otherwise about 1/16 of a teaspoon of the refined powder works well.

Step 2:

Blend it all together well.

Step 3:

Add the fruit. In this case, 2 frozen bananas (halved) and a bunch of strawberries and cherries. And if you need it sweeter, go ahead and add in a Tablespoon or two of agave nectar.

Step 4:

Drink up!

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re just starting out with green smoothies you may want to make what is essentially a fruit smoothie and add a handful or two of spinach. Also, unless you have a high-powered blender, you’ll want to stick to spinach rather than other greens, while you save up for one. Lumps of partially blended greens are not a pleasant smoothie addition.

If you make more than you can drink in one sitting, this will keep well in the fridge for a day, just shake it up when you’re ready for more. Other options are freezing the leftovers as popsicles, or freezing them in a jar (just avoid filling the jar up all the way to prevent breakage) to defrost and drink later. When we travel I make up a bunch ahead of time and freeze it for use on our trip.

If you haven’t heard of green smoothies, check out for more information.

Also, her book The Green Smoothies Diet, goes into much more detail.



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