Would you choose cancer?

Or for that matter, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, obesity, etc. I don’t know of anyone who would jump up and down yelling, “Me, pick me!”
Yet, in many ways that is happening all over our country, and in fact much of the world daily.

Several years ago we lived in Massachusetts for a short time. While we were there I attended a church activity for women and met someone remarkable (by my estimation). She informed me that she was now vegan, because she had heart disease and she had to change her diet or die. When I mentioned how impressed I was that she would choose to make that change, her response was, “well, I had to, or I would die.” Yet I know many people who would choose death over dietary change any day.

Which, for those of us who have made major changes already, is particularly sad because we know how taste buds change, and how food can still be enjoyable, in fact more so than it was before.

I think there are several reasons behind the feeling that it’s just not worth changing:

One is that for many of us, we have been indoctrinated about the four foods groups for most of our lives. It can be difficult to overcome false teachings that we’ve listened to so long.

Additionally, old habits die hard. Change can seem overwhelming or scary to implement.

And of course there is the idea that food will never taste good again. That healthy food by it’s very nature must taste bad.

So, what to do? How do you change? What if you really don’t want to die, but aren’t sure where to start? How you can get yourself to stick to the changes?
The answers (in my admittedly strong opinion), coming soon to an herbivore blog near you.


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