Dinner in Half an Hour?

I have a reputation for spending a lot of time in the kitchen, because – often I enjoy it. But, there’s something about the need to turn out dinner EVERY night that can take the fun right out of cooking.
I realized recently that while I’m willing to try out more time consuming recipes, make bread and tortillas from scratch, etc… the go to recipes that we eat most often take about 1/2 hour to make, give or take 15 minutes.
I recently added a new cookbook to my collection, The 30-minute Vegan, and I am quite impressed. I’ve been looking at this title for a year or so, but somehow even though I loved Vegan Fusion World Cuisine, also co-authored by Mark Reinfeld, I couldn’t shake the thought that it was impossible to make healthy and delicious food this quickly. After buying the book and trying it out I discovered that it was indeed possible and that led to the realization that I already had a small selection of super fast, delicious, and easy recipes – the ones I fall back on whenever time is short and dinner sneaks up on me. And just like many of the recipes in this book, my favorites are also versatile, lending themselves to easy substitution of one vegetable for another to make use of what’s on hand.

Some examples are:
Stir-fry (served on quinoa rather than brown rice)
Mongolian BBQ
Tempeh Tacos, from Vegan Vittles
Creamy potato soup (my sub for potato-cheese soup, delicious!)
Tomato-basil sauce on pasta – (modified for even faster prep. time.)
Family friendly pasta salad, from The Vegetarian Family Cookbook

and from The 30-minute Vegan:
BBQ Tempeh sandwiches
Monk bowls
Enchiladas (the recipe is for tempeh, but in the future I plan on using black beans)
and Homey Vegetable Stew with Dumplings
(Basically, almost everything I’ve tried so far I’ve loved!)

Coming soon, the recipe for Creamy potato soup in 20 minutes (including cook time for the potatoes!).



3 thoughts on “Dinner in Half an Hour?

  1. You sold me on this. I ordered the book yesterday. We also tried quinoa for the first time yesterday – so good! Where is a good place to purchase it in bulk?

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