Hot Cocoa and a story for you.

I have been informed that this is not common knowledge, so for all of you searching for a way to make dairy free, refined sugar free hot chocolate…here it is.

Hot Chocolate

1 T. cocoa powder
1 – 1 1/2 T. honey (to taste)
1 cup rice milk, or rice and coconut milk combo (my favorite)

Place the cocoa powder and honey in a small saucepan along with half of the milk and heat while stirring to combine all ingredients. Add the rest of the milk and heat to the desired temperature before serving.
(Other milks can be used, but I think that rice or coconut results in the best tasting hot chocolate)

And now, here’s a story for you to enjoy as you sit by the fire sipping your hot cocoa:

My Asian Style Salad Dressing is the one and only dressing my son will eat, and the only way he’ll eat salad in any quantity. So, the other night I pulled some out and put it on just his salad, (we were having another dressing on ours) told him it was his favorite dressing, and proceeded to eat dinner. When he finally got around to the salad he claimed it was super hot and spicy. And I almost told him to eat it anyway, because how could that dressing be hot? But, just to be sure, I checked the small label I had placed on the top of the jar I had it stored in. Oops! I had given him salad covered in dipping sauce for pot stickers, complete with hot chili oil.



5 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa and a story for you.

  1. That is funny. Poor kid. I’m still laughing and grinning.

    Thanks for the hot chocolate recipe. I’ve been enjoying it. But I do use less chocolate than you cause I’m wimpy. 🙂

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