Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween marks the start of the Holiday season, and as Melissa mentioned in her last post, this can be a difficult time of year to maintain healthy eating habits.
Some fun ideas for special Halloween food include; roasted pumpkin seeds, stew or soup made with black beans and sweet potatoes, or burritos made with the same black bean and sweet potato combination.
Family Fun has several cute ideas including crudites arranged as a skeleton or cat with corresponding dip (the skeleton used a hollowed out cabbage filled with dip for the head), chip dips (guacamole & “Hallow-bean salad” lol – they used orange peppers for this, but I think sweet potatoes might be more popular with children), “Snack O’ Lanterns”, and a melon-brain (definitely nasty looking enough to be popular with a certain age range of boys!).
Also, one of my favorite ideas came out in their magazine years ago, Roasted Ghosts made from mashed potatoes. Of course this recipe needs a bit of fixing to make it dairy free, but not much needs to be changed. Just sub out soy or another (unsweetened) non-dairy milk for the milk called for and leave out the cheese altogether. If you need a slightly creamier texture, used a few Tablespoons of olive oil in place of the cheese.
Tammie over at Simple, Healthy, Tasty also has some fun recipes for this time of year. I’ll be trying out her recipe for Popcorn balls this year. Some of her other recipes that look good to me for Halloween are; Kettle Corn, Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, More popcorn recipes, and the Pumpkin Cookies.



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