Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

I’m loving the wide variety of fruits and veggies available during the summer. My niece and I enjoy eating green beans straight from the garden. We also eat them cooked with corn on the cob and ripe cantelope for dinner. Yum! Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. If you want sweeter corn on the cob, buy it when it has been picked that morning and cook it that same day. As soon as corn is picked, the sugars start changing into starches. Last week I froze a bushel of peaches to use for smoothies during the winter. Peaches are one of my top 5 favorite fruits. I love taking that first bite of sweet juiciness. This summer I’ve eaten ripe tomatoes and bell peppers on sandwiches, bean burritos, and chips with bean dip. I’ve made pad thai with zucchini and yellow squash, sliced cucumbers to roll into vegetarian sushi, feasted on watermelon, eaten pancakes smothered in fruit salad, and scarfed down strawberries and raspberries.

Food tastes better and I eat more of it plain and raw when I either grow it myself or buy it from a local farmer. You can purchase from local farms and orchards through CSA food co-ops, farmers’ markets, some roadside stands, or directly from the farmer. If you want a large quantity to freeze, dry, or can, you can watch the local classifieds to know when the crop you want is ripe, where to get it, and who has the best price.

Just a few days ago, I noticed the mountains have spots of fall colors and I realized my summer food revel is coming to an end. It’s almost time to transition to fall fruits and veggies. I’ve already planted peas and they are growing nicely, as are my onions. My spinach seeds never sprouted. So disappointing! I’m looking forward to mashed potatoes, apple crisp, sweet potato fries, grapes, raw peas, and so on. I have favorites in every season and it’s great to be able to rotate before I get tired of something.



4 thoughts on “Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

    • They’re much easier to come by than snack cakes at my house, 😉 . Of course I tend to get our food from farms and co-ops and our garden and avoid grocery stores.

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