Using up the piles of summer produce on the counter has become a bit of a challenge, especially since it involves so many tomatoes and quite a few zucchini. I’m sure I can do it though, between the tomato rice soup (that uses 1 1/2 pounds of tomatoes per batch), and making “sun” dried tomatoes most of the tomatoes should be accounted for. And if not, I can always go for my traditional tomato preservation method – wash and dry them and then shove them in a freezer bag and freeze them whole.
However, tonight focused on zucchini and cherry tomatoes.
First, I started a batch of bread dough. Then I sliced up half of a medium zucchini and put it in a bowl with a few Tablespoons of Olive oil, fresh basil & oregano (dry would work too), salt, and pepper, and red pepper flakes. I rubbed that into the zucchini and it marinate while the bread dough was coming together. I divided the dough into threes, which makes two large pizzas and one loaf of bread. Or three large pizzas if you need that many. Each pizza consisted of a layer of tomato sauce, zucchini slices, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced onions, and sliced peppers. I topped this with a bit of mozzarella style Daiya, but it would have been fine without too. Then I tossed them (one at a time) into a 375 degree oven for about 20 minutes each. Yumm!
As far as the loaf of bread, I just let that dough raise while the pizza’s were cooking, then shaped it free form and threw it in on the pizza stone for 40 minutes. Impressive, huh? Too bad it didn’t occur to me to turn the oven down to 350 degrees. I think the bread will still be edible though. So, my advice to anyone attempting to replicate this, is remember to let the loaf of bread raise before you bake it, and after it’s been shaped (yep, almost missed that step too). I should have shaped the bread dough earlier so it could be raising while the pizza baked, even if it was just the last pizza. And remember to turn the oven down when the last pizza comes out.



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