Kitchen Mishaps

You know how you feel when you buy a new gadget for the kitchen that is going to save you time and money? I purchased a soymilk maker a while ago and eagerly began reading the manual, putting it together, soaking beans, and making soymilk. I couldn’t wait to taste homemade soymilk on homemade granola. This was a step forward toward eating (and drinking) less processed foods. However, when I strained the milk, it was much thicker than I expected it to be and it didn’t taste very good. I asked Cherie about it the next time I talked to her on the phone and we figured out that I should add the water first before the beans (I had somehow reversed those steps from the manual) and maybe add a little sweetener. I tried it. Again, it was too thick and didn’t taste very good. I sadly put away my soymilk maker and focused on other ways to eat healthy. Months later, while quilting with Cherie, she asked how my soymilk making was going. When I told her it wasn’t, she started walking me through each step to see if she could figure out what was wrong. She pulled open her cupboards and, as a side note, pointed to her soybeans. I suddenly realized that was not the kind of bean I was using! I had mislabeled my jars of beans and had been using garbanzo beans (chickpeas) instead of soybeans. : ) Once I started using the right kind of beans, my soymilk maker worked great.

When I was child living at home, my mother bought non-instant powdered milk from cheese factories. She would whisk it with water in gallon sized pitchers. One Thanksgiving she pulled a pitcher out of the refrigerator to add milk to the mashed potatoes. She held the hand mixer in the potatoes with one hand and poured the pitcher with the other hand. To her horror, the potatoes were turning purple! She had grabbed the pitcher of grape juice instead of milk. Thankfully, she quickly realized her mistake and switched pitchers before the potatoes were ruined. We still laugh about that story every Thanksgiving when making mashed potatoes.


Do you have any kitchen mishaps you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Mishaps

  1. So, tonight – as I realized I had ground wheat (or spelt, I suspect it’s labeled wrong) flour into what I though was corn meal that had been left in the grinder, but remembered about 10 minutes later that it was actually chickpea flour, I thought of your post.
    Remember when you were visiting us and I ground that “rancid” wheat, something was wrong with it anyway. After reluctantly throwing that flour away and starting over, I went to wash the storage jar and realized that it said Oats on the lid.
    And finally, I’ll just mention the blender incident that you reminded me of a week or so ago. At least I’ll give out a bit of advice regarding blenders, lol. If you’re making a fruit smoothie, especially if it involves lots of small frozen fruit, like say – blueberries, and you have a helpful 5 or 6 year old in the kitchen (I can’t remember exactly when this happened), put the lid on the blender before you step away from it!
    Fun times!

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