It’s not something you see a lot of in grocery stores, although I have found it in a produce section before. However, watercress is delicious and packed full of nutrients. Check out that Beta Carotene and Calcium content!
We got a bag in our CSA a share last week, and I was thrilled to find we had recieved another one this week. I mentioned that we’ve been enjoying it in salad and soups, but sandwiches are now my favorite use for this wonderful green.

Watercress sandwiches

Whole grain bread
Watercress, washed, any yellow leaves removed, and chopped into about thirds (the length of the bread).
Sliced tomatoes
Avacado slices

Spread both slices of bread with the Veganaise. Pile a generous amount of watercress onto the bottom slice, add the tomatoe and avacado slices and top with the remaining slice of bread.

Really you could add this to many types of sandwiches as a lettuce replacement. It has a pleasant, slightly spicy, nutty taste and so provides a bit more flavor than many greens. In fact this may be the only sandwich I enjoy without onions.



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