Onion scapes, young garlic, and watercress (our CSA share)

This week when we picked up our CSA share it was composed almost entirely of foods we’d never eaten before. Well, we have had leeks and parsnips, but that was about it. In addition we got onion scapes, young garlic, gogi berry leaves, tarragon, mint, Chinese lettuce and watercress. At first I was at a bit of a loss as to how to prepare this food. I was however, excited about the watercress, in sprite of not knowing quite what to do with it. (My Grandma and I have plans for watercress sandwiches tomorrow.) Finally it occured to me that the flavors I had to work with were still essentially onions and garlic, and on the mild side at that.
So…we’ve had soup, reminiscent of Out of the Cupboard Soup. I sauteed some of the leeks, onion scapes, and young garlic (all sliced) in olive oil and added leftover tomato juice and vegetable broth along with chopped watercress stems, and gogi berry leaves (I had to look this one up, I had never even seen them before. Fun.). It turned out quite well, and four generations all enjoyed the flavors, the gogi berry leaves tasted a bit like spinach. We served this with a salad made from the lettuce and some of the watercress leaves.
Next we had baked potatoes with steamed veggies and sliced onion scapes, young garlic, and watercress topped with my Viniagrette.
For lunch I made a delicious sandwich filling using the onion scapes, young garlic, grated carrots, smushed chickpeas, watercress, diced celery and veganaise. It was similar to Melissa’s sandwich filling and excellent in a pita with sliced avacado.
And tonight we had a Quinoa Salad, the additions were carrots (steamed on top of the hot quinoa when it finished cooking), onion scapes, young garlic, watecress and mint. Served with sliced jicima, additional carrots (for those who prefer them raw) and watermelon.
It’s been a fun week of cooking adventures so far.



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