When I don’t feel like cooking

I haven’t felt much like cooking for the last few days. But, we still need to eat. And fast food isn’t an option. And frozen dinners (the few that are an option) get old fast. So, instead I’m using more prepared food and a bit of home prep.
Some things we’ll be eating this week:
Sunshine veggie burgers on Ezekiel buns (One thing I love about these burgers is that they don’t try to imitate meat, so if a meat sub. is what you’re looking for, this isn’t it)
Tomato Basil Cream sauce on whole wheat fettucine
Baked/Boiled Potatoes, diced and covered with steamed veggies and Vinaigrette
And a yummy Potato and Fennel salad from Vegan Planet , I think it’s called Less Dressed Potato Salad
Some salads, I picked up some wonderful red butter lettuce at the store today
and Wraps, made on whole wheat tortillas

Hopefully, if you don’t feel much like cooking either, this will give you some ideas.



2 thoughts on “When I don’t feel like cooking

    • It is delicious. I cut it in half, or meant to, but ended up using the full amount of basil, salt, and 3 cloves of garlic. I think I would do the same thing again next time, we really liked the way it turned out.

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