Green Smoothies

In my never ending quest to add more greens to my diet and to eat all the on sale spinach I’ve been buying, I’ve been experimenting with adding spinach to my smoothies. My niece loves the peach, banana, and spinach flavor, which makes a pea soup kind of color. I like to add blueberries to that mixture as well, so the color is more appetizing to me. Strawberry, banana, and spinach is also tasty. For these mixtures, I use soymilk as the liquid and only slightly melted frozen fruit. I add a half to whole tablespoon of ground flax seeds to thicken it to a shake consistency and to add extra nutrition. If  I have leftovers, I freeze them and eat them barely melted for dessert.

Today my niece and I tried fresh pineapple and spinach, with water as the liquid and no added ground flax. The color turned out to be bright green, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. It was delicious! I got the idea from Lalitha Thomas’ book 10 Essential Foods. She adds mint to hers and I was going to add some to mine, but thought I’d taste it first. It tasted so good without the mint that I left it out this time.

I’m looking forward to summer when fresh fruit is plentiful and cheap. Berries and melons make delicious shakes! When I see fruit on sale, I buy a bunch and freeze it in blender size portions. Whenever I don’t finish a bunch of bananas before they’re about to spoil, I freeze them, too. That way I can enjoy fruit shakes year round. I just pull a bag or two of fruit from the freezer on my way to the shower in the morning and by the time I’m finished getting ready for the day, my fruit has thawed just enough that my blender can handle it. If I need to leave right away, I can drink it on the way or if not, enjoy it leisurely at home with a muffin or piece of toast.



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