Asparagus and Eggplant

We had this delicious asparagus yesterday, and I would never have thought of preparing it this way if it weren’t for the Fat Free Vegan blog. It’s so simple and easy, steamed asparagus topped with lemon zest and a bit of sea salt, then served with a slice of lemon. Or, you could just put the lemon juice on to start with, but I like the individualized at the table method best.

I went ahead with the Baba Ghanouj plan. It looked great, it tastes pretty good, But – I must have done something weird with the garlic. My guess is that my roasted cloves were not entirely roasted, because this is strong stuff. (And no Melissa, I didn’t double the garlic. I never do with this cookbook 🙂 ) In spite of that, I tried it with pita bread triangles.

And today used it in a pita sandwich, my favorite option so far. Just having the Baba Ghanouj on hand made me want to stop at The Pita Pit for dinner. So, I made a pita pit inspired sandwich at home instead. Complete with salt & pepper, and a dash of rice vinegar.



5 thoughts on “Asparagus and Eggplant

  1. That pita looks really good!

    I made the recipe on Fat Free Vegan’s site as well. Hubby and I were pleasantly surprised to discover that we like polenta! Had never had it before… I’ve been eating asparagus in some form every week for the past month (mostly steamed with other fresh veggies). At least one grocery store around here each week has it on sale for $1/lb. I will gladly pay that for my beloved asparagus!

    • Even though it was my dinner looking at that pita made me want another one, that same night, lol. I resisted, but had one for lunch the next day, yum.

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