What to do with your sweet tooth

Unfortunately having it pulled is not an option. However, cravings diminish as time goes on. If fact it seems that the higher in nutrients your diet is, the less you will crave sweets. So, if you’re having a really difficult time try adding a lot of greens to your diet.

For me the real challenge was cookies. Having decided that living without them was not an option, I set out to find something I could eat that still resembled a cookie. If you decide to include sucanat in your diet then it’s easy. It works just like refined sugar, it just tastes a bit more like molasses. One of the options I’ve been happiest with is my Chocolate Chip cookie recipe (and variations on this theme). I hope you enjoy it too.

Which dessert really tempts you and makes it difficult to stick to your dietary goals? Have you been able to find a suitable substitute? Let us know.



10 thoughts on “What to do with your sweet tooth

  1. I can’t give up cookies either – I’ll have to try your recipe!
    One thing that helps me when I need chocolate is making chocolate smoothies. Sometimes we have them for breakfast – I put in about 3 cups of Spinach, 3 frozen bananas, 1 Tbsp (maybe – I’ve never measured) of cocoa powder and milk (I use soy but I’ve been wanting to branch out to different milks lately). The kids even like it.

      • I buy them at a health food store. In spite of my best intentions to make almond milk at home I just haven’t tried it yet. However, it sounds really easy and I think you only need a blender.

  2. Ice cream. That’s my biggest temptation, but it is so expensive vegan. As I don’t have an unlimited food budget, that helps keep me away from the ice cream. But I still want it!

    • It is expensive to purchase non-dairy ice cream. There are several recipe books that cover this topic (like Vice Cream, and The Vegan Scoop), and I have thought about experimenting with using my ice cream maker (purchased the year we found out I was lactose intolerent 🙂 ) on non-dairy milks including coconut. Maybe this summer.

      • You’re welcome too, are you going to drive up?
        Melissa tells me that whatever Ice Cream substitute I would be happy with would most likely not satisfy a true ice cream connoisseur, since I didn’t love it to begin with.

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