Non lettuce or spinach leaf salads

My latest attempt to eat more fruits and vegetables involves adding more variety to my diet for both nutrition and interest. I found myself eating the same fruits and vegetables in the same ways and getting bored with it all. Eating green leaf salads every single day doesn’t work for me. Plus, I thought I might be missing out on some nutrients because I wasn’t eating a wide enough variety of vegetables. Also, when a good sale is offered at the grocery store, it is hard as a single person to take advantage of the quantity when you only know a few ways of cooking that vegetable. In the past, I’ve tried new vegetables or fruits by themselves and often wasn’t happy with the taste. Now, however, I’ve started trying new recipes of non lettuce or spinach leaf salads in order to add more interesting flavors to my meals and to consume some fruits and vegetables that I haven’t been fond of in the past. For example, I grew up eating pressure cooked green cabbage with butter, salt and pepper on top and I don’t really like cabbage prepared that way. I haven’t eaten green cabbage in years, until this week. I made a spicy mustard variation of cole slaw inspired by a recipe I found in How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. A couple of weeks ago I ate a grated carrot pineapple salad from a recipe in a Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy Newsletter. I used fresh pineapple and it was tasty! My next non lettuce or spinach leaf salad plan is an apple based one similar to a Waldorf salad; although, celery is not my favorite vegetable so I may substitute something else for that. Good luck in your own quest to eat more fruits and veggies!



2 thoughts on “Non lettuce or spinach leaf salads

  1. I’m not big on lettuces, but I do like spinach salads. I think they are much more mild. My challenge is finding a good vegan, non-soy, low-fat salad dressing. I wish I could eat salads without the dressings, but my taste buds haven’t developed that ability yet.

  2. You could try one of Dr. Fuhrman’s blended fruit dressings. I haven’t tried any of them, but I do add fruit to my leafy green salads so I’m assuming that it would taste good. I prefer spinach to lettuce as well, but I do like sweet butter lettuce. If you haven’t had it before, you might want to give it a try.

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