Gravy, take two

So, the plan was to make a pot pie using the leftover gravy, and once I got over the fact that we were out of potatoes, that’s just what I made. Veggie pot pie with no potatoes. What did go into it? Butternut squash, carrots, onion, 1/2 pound of tofu, some frozen spinach, and leftover gravy. The photo is of the vegetables being pre-cooked before going into the pie pan.

It was not bad, still room for improvement, but that might be connected to the fact that I forgot a few of the gravy ingredients and have been trying to make up for that every time I use it. I froze the rest of the gravy and defrosted it tonight for another meal of Haystacks because I really enjoyed the last one. The gravy did separate while defrosting, but came together quickly when heated and stirred with a whisk. And still, there is gravy left. I put it back into the freezer.



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