New Year’s Resolutions

When you’re deciding to make a lifestyle change, it can be nerve wracking. You question yourself. Will this really work in meeting my goals? Whose advice should I take? Can I do this permanently or will I try and fail again? What will my family, friends and coworkers say when I tell them I’m now a vegetarian? How will I manage social eating situations? Do I eat all organic? Should I cut out all animal products or just 95% of them? Should I be choosy about what kinds of oils or sweeteners to use? There is a mass of information on healthy lifestyles available. However, sometimes too much information is unhelpful and all the conflicting advice is confusing. Which is the right way to eat? What is going to work for my body and my tastes? Since I’ve begun making healthier lifestyle changes, I’ve found that there are 3 steps to answering the many questions I have.

1. Research the answers to your questions. Read books and websites. Talk to people who have experience or expertise on the topic.

2. Pick one or two things to work on from your research. Choose what gets you excited and what fits in with what you already know to be true. Don’t try to change everything at the same time.

3. Try it out for a couple of months. Things that might seem too hard to change can be easier if you commit to only a few weeks. If you start seeing the results you want and your body is feeling healthy, then you can make that change permanent. Or you might find that you need to adapt an idea to make it fit your life circumstances.

If you want to make permanent changes to your life, it works best to view it as a process or a journey. Flylady would say, “babysteps.” The scriptures say, “line upon line” and “by their fruits ye shall know them.”



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