Without the cheese

When you first cut dairy out of your diet, some foods feel like they are lacking something. Part of the solution is to give it time. When you’re used to eating cheese on everything, of course things won’t taste quite right without it. In fact, I discovered that cheese is often used to make a dull, flavorless dish enjoyable. So, one solution is to start using more herbs and spicesĀ to correct the underlying flavor rather than hiding it under cheese. Another option is to include ingredients that don’t necessarily mimic cheese, but provide a visual or textural substitution. My favorite thing to include on items I would have in the past used cheese for, sandwiches or tacos for instance, is avocado. It has a creamy consistency that fills in for the cheese nicely and is much more satisfying than any mock cheese I’ve ever tasted. Grated carrots can also be a fun addition to the tacos, salad, etc. where you would have used cheese in the past. Of course it tastes completely different, but it does provide a pleasing color contrast and can make your food appear more appetizing because of it.



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