Instead of unhealthy treats, what to give neighbors?

Before I switched to a healthier eating lifestyle, I made lots of cookies to give away during the holidays. A plate of cookies is a fairly easy, inexpensive gift for neighbors, church friends, coworkers and so on. Now that I don’t have the ingredients to make those kind of cookies in my house, I struggle with what to give. Do I purchase those ingredients, make the cookies, and give them away knowing that I’m contributing to their health problems and that they will be getting plenty of other treats during the holidays? Do I make my healthier desserts knowing that many people don’t like whole wheat flour or the lack of sweet since their taste buds are attuned to white sugar? Do I give away something else entirely and if so, how do I keep the cost down? If you’re struggling with the same dilemma, here are some ideas I’ve come up with. If you have ideas to add, please let me know.

  • cellophane bag of unshelled nuts (if you have the money, attach a simple nutcracker with ribbon or give shelled nuts)
  • small jar of just fruit homemade jam
  • use your creative (crochet, scrapbooking, photography, drawing, etc.) talent to make a simple homemade gift (be sure that what you choose to do isn’t so time consuming that you don’t have time to enjoy the holidays)
  • dry soup, pancake, or muffin mix packaged festively with directions attached
  • write down fun shared memories and why you’re grateful they are in your life
  • make a Christmas tree ornament or other decoration (Again, not too time consuming.)
  • basket of a variety of homemade muffins and juice. (This works well for workplace.)
  • Tray of veggies and dip (My coworkers liked having a healthy alternative to all the treats being brought in. Many of them were trying to lose weight like myself.)



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