Part 2, the aftermath of the shopping list

So, a bit more of an explanation on the six weeks and Eat to Live may be necessary. I mentioned that this was meant to be a lifestyle change rather than a temporary diet. So, the reference to six weeks may be confusing to anyone who has not read the book. In his book Dr. Fuhrman recommends a six week period of a slightly stricter diet to jump start weight loss and see results faster. After this period the diet becomes a bit more lenient and grains and starchy vegetables are not limited for most people. In addition if you are very active he feels that 1 T. of additional oil per day can be tolerated, but still does not recommend added salt. He goes by a 90/10 philosophy, 90% of your diet should be fresh fruits and vegetables, with whole grains, nuts and seeds, making up a small part of this. The other 10% could consist of almost anything you would like, as long as you keep it to this small portion of your dietary intake.
I’ll spare you any more “menus” on this subject, suffice it to say we ate a lot of lettuce. Largely because that’s all I could think about when I looked in the fridge and saw all of it. And because I had washed all of the lettuce the day I got it home and dried and bagged it, so it was convenient.
Normally, I wouldn’t start with a shopping list first and then try to convert it to menus. However, something about reading through Eat to Live and all of the produce he was recommending compelled me to see what that would really look like. First by compiling the list and then attempting to purchase that much produce. And it was very enlightening. It made it easy to see how in spite of avoiding animal products and refined foods, it’s possible to fill your diet up with too much in the way of baked goods or whole wheat pasta, whole grains etc. Anything besides produce. With our cultural tendency to include vegetables only as a side dish it is too easy to continue with that mindset, or to include them almost as a condiment in the main course.



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