Conversations About Food

“It doesn’t matter what you eat; you hear that something is good for you and then two weeks later they say it causes cancer.” I hear this type of comment most from people who want to justify eating horrible things, but just in case there is any real thought or concern behind it….
There are items that have consistently been found to improve health, to build our bodies rather than destroy them. They’re called fruits and vegetables.
Another remark I hear a lot of is, “I’m on this _____ diet and I feel great!” This is interesting, especially because sometimes I hear this about diets that aren’t even incredibly healthy. But the one thing any helpful diet I’ve ever heard of or read about has in common is the absence of refined and processed foods. Once you eliminate even one item that is common to refined food (corn syrup, wheat, flour, sugar, etc.) it cuts out most if not all “foods” in that category. And everyone feels better without them. As a result even if the diet is not the best, it feels great to someone used to eating in a typical SAD (Standard American Diet) style.
There are legitimate diet plans out there that also result in feeling great and better health in the long-term. Some of these are along the lines of raw foods, the mucusless diet, a macrobiotic diet plan, Joel Fuhrman’s recommendations, The China Study’s guidelines, and I’m sure there are others.
When I look for common ground among the best diets (those with impressive results regarding health, cancer, heart disease, etc.) they all emphasize plant material. Some involve more cooked food than others, but all of them are plant-based.
So, my point is, examine your diet and make sure your bases are covered nutritionally before you decide to eat that way forever. Do some research and think about why you feel better. Have you added a significant amount of fruits and veggies to your diet? Did you cut out dairy, or meat, or both? Is the absence of processed food the area where you are seeing the biggest difference? I can’t answer for you because I don’t know what you are eating or how you feel or what you ate before. But, I think it’s worth spending some time to think this through because I think that when we understand why a diet is working for us or what aspects aren’t, we are better able to implement successful long-term changes and take responsibility for our own health rather than handing it over to a stranger.



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