Why This Is Not a Vegan Blog

There are a lot of similarities; I’ll give you that. After all a vegan diet is defined as one avoiding the use of any animal products and we are advocating a plant based diet. However, vegans don’t eat honey and we do. Additionally someone who is vegan for ethical reasons would consider compromising their diet to be a very serious concern; and while we wouldn’t do so on a regular basis, sometimes on holidays or other family occasions indulging in foods we wouldn’t otherwise eat is a minor issue. Other than that, the only real difference is that a vegan diet is not necessarily a healthy diet; it is possible to avoid animal products and still exist largely on processed, nutrient deficient food.

So, what do we mean by plant based? Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts & seeds should make up the bulk if not all of your diet. And these foods should be present in forms that are highly recognizable (not processed).

If you are interested in further reading on the subject, some excellent sources are:

  • The China Study http://www.thechinastudy.com/ by T. Colin Campbell Ph.D. who researched the effects of diet on cancer for over 30 years (as mentioned in a previous post).
  • The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine website http://www.pcrm.org , which has lots of information on the link between diet and health.
  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s website http://www.drfuhrman.com/default.aspx and books. He is a medical doctor who specializes in nutrition.



2 thoughts on “Why This Is Not a Vegan Blog

  1. Good job on your blog!! I’m so excited that you’re doing this.

    I have a difficult time finding good recipes because of exactly what you mentioned. Just because a recipe is vegan doesn’t mean it is made with healthy whole foods. I guess we are on the Whole-Plant-Based Food diet.

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